BE Engraved Products


"BE Engraved delivered us dozens of beautifully made cutting boards with a tight deadline for our clients. It was the perfect gift to give to our new home buyers and gave them something they'll use for years to come and remember our firm whenever they use it. I truly believe it will bring us more business and we'll certainly be ordering more on a regular basis."

- Susan R., Sunshine Realty

"The perfect gift for clients to remember their new favorite realtor. Being able to give these to a home buyer makes their new home all the more special. Thanks for all you do."

- Thomas P., Magnolia Realtors




Be Engraved has been serving customers wood working needs since 2009.

Over the years it's grown from a partnering leveraging a partner's workspace to having its own 3000 square foot workspace.

As proud local employers in Salt Lake City, we put heart and soul into each piece that we craft.  

We're thrilled to bring you the heartfelt gifts that you need for your next occasion or event!